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About "Works" : This is a list of SHUKO MIZUNO's whole
compositions. Please click each genre. Also available
all unpublished munuscript copy of scores
(on "Works"pages) and part scores of orchestral works
and operaes sale or rental.
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Shuko Mizuno
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Shuko mizuno's Message to present Japan
Opera Beauty and Beast
The most important thing in contemporary Japanese culture is..
shoud produce original style Music Culture that japanese people
can enjoy sincerely ,and that reflecting the present Japan.

That is creating Japan's origninal Opera and Musical ,you can't enjoy unless you
come to Tokyo. That is what we need to become attractive coutry and gather

Already there are Operas" The Tale of Himeji Castle","Beauty and Beast "and "Minamo" etc.
In short, the reason is lack of Cost to advertisement worldwide.We
only do to limitted people.
If we soluble this fact,- cost a handred million yen for 2times performances and get into
20,000,000 yen red-,We could produce atractive original stages which Japan boast to the wrold.

Symphonic Metamorphoses Part1.2.3.4

Impression Agin !
The miracle record performance that Never listen again live.
The fruit of Shuko Mizuno's fascination .

Detail is here

Thens thousand of bells ringing...

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