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Shuko mIzuno's Profile
Introduction of Shuko Mizunos's CD. You can listen sound samples.
This is a list of SHUKO MIZUNO's whole compositions.
Please click each genre. Also available all unpublished munuscript copy of
scores (on "Works"pages) and part scores of orchestral works and operaes
sale or rental. About score ,aske to BCA(Best Composer's Assosiation)
TEL : 00-81-3-3551-8001 or 00-81-468-75-5025
Scores on this pages are now on sale. Shuko mizuno's other SCORE
is available from BCA Inc by On demand.
BCA(Best Composer's Assosiation)
TEL: +81-46-887-0561(KURATA)
TEL: +80-5477-5052
Shuko Mizuno's Treatise's summary,its publishe and magagine etc.
(Only Japanease)
Detail of Shuko Mizuno's work in close-up.
Symphonic Metamorphoses,Opera,CD and so on.
Concert in 2*** Shuko Mizuno's this year's concert
Concert Report Comments and Report about ShukoMizuno's past concerts.By Hiroko Kobayasi(an music scholar),paper,magagine .
Opera Scene Detail of ShukoMizuno's OPERA,by movie and pht:The Tale of Himeji Castle,Beauty and Beast ,MINAMO.
Concert Scene Intorducing Concert's scene by movie and pht.
You can listen sound little.
new release CD :
new release SCORE :
new WORKS :
Shuko MIzuno's essay :
Topics about ShukoMizuno : Feature article about Shuko Mizuno on magagines.
also sprach Shuko Mizuno~ with movie and picture
: Once upon a thime Shuko Mizuno said like thiese...
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